About Amanda

Amanda Thomson (Singer/Songwriter/Actress) grew up in a musical household learning piano, saxophone, guitar and drums alongside her father. Listening to Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey on repeat, she quickly learned that it’s all or nothing in this business. She threw herself into the arts and never looked back, applying herself to music, songwriting, theatre, film acting, scriptwriting and production.

Amanda is best known for her work on SYFY and CBC’s “ASCENSION”, YTV’s “Totally Amp’d”, Lifetime/LMN’s “The Hazing Secret” and Hallmark Channel’s “A Christmas Song”. Growing up in musical theatre, Amanda has always had a love of performing, as you can see in much of her film work which include soundtracks and on-screen performances.

The Toronto native was brought down to Los Angeles by Premium Cali as an exclusive artist to their new restaurant chain. Together they shot a music video for her single “Blessing In Disguise“, currently being aired in Cali Burger restaurants in Asia and the UK.

Amanda has just released her latest fun, upbeat holiday track “It’s Christmas” and right after that – her first EP debut titled “Showcase of a Human”, releasing early 2016. Stay tuned!